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İthalat & İhracat
İthalat Servisi
İhracat Servisi
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İthalat Servisi

The delivery of your import goods is provided by our staff. Our staff which includes logistical support team, have the priority of completing the process as soon as possible for you.

In our import department, you will be represented by “indirect representative” and your import procedure will be accomplished for you. Our customs rules department is ready to guide you for any of your questions with its 25 years experience and knowledge.


Our Services


Defining HS Code when it’s necessary, getting the pre-permissions for import (advance fixing certificate), after receiving import documents, if it’s necessary, handling process of bill of lading, taking delivery order, when there is a doubt about the goods, making credit-opening before arranging T.C. Customs Declaration form, while beginning recording and registration procedure, making an examination of the goods, if there is a missing or damaged good, reporting of it, getting duty due (accrual) process done and making payments, delivery of the goods to the given address, if it’s completed, closing the insentive file and if there is indemnity process, solving it. Calculation of customs debts, enterance process of the goods in temporary import, according to the permissions, organizing customs declaration form and exit of the goods, releasing of the guarantee process are within our work. Also arranging and delivering all the documents to the customers such as custom certified invoice, a copy of the custom declaration form, bills, etc are some of our responsibilities. The main point is completing all the import process as soon as possible. If it’s necessary the good which is the subject of the import is delivered to chemists to be analyzed . We do what it’s needed in the whole process in a fast and safe way.


Import Customs Clearance Services



We are providing support in every step of your import plan. The good you plan to import will be taken care from the buying stage till the end, such as informing you about the custom rules. According to your wishes international transportation procedure is also including our work. What are also including: Storage of the good, checks, defining the proper procedures for your goods, having the permissions, certificates, informing you in every step, giving you a fast and right service, making special operations which are suitable for your projects and most importantly doing our work with the reasonable prices.

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